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Litigation Funding

Litigation funding should be an option considered for those pursuing major litigation, such as large leaky building claims.

In the last few years, third party funding of litigation has become more common place in New Zealand. It can be helpful in situations where a party finds it cannot bring or pursue a claim without third party backing. It can be particularly helpful in large leaky building disputes involving multiple owners or a body corporates. Rather than raising the required capital amongst the group, a litigation funder becomes involved and finances all legal fees and expert advice through to resolution of the proceeding (or claim).

Adina Thorn Lawyers has a working relationship with reputable litigation funders and can refer suitable claims to them. In a successful claim or settlement, the litigation funder will receive a percentage of the awarded sum.

If you wish to consider litigation funding for your claim (either an existing or new claim), or you wish to discuss this option further, please contact Adina directly.

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