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Class Actions

Intueri Shareholder Class Action – Adina Thorn Lawyers proposes to run a funded class action for and on behalf of shareholders of Intueri Education Group Limited (in liquidation) (Intueri) who have suffered losses as a result of purchasing shares in the initial public offering of shares in Intueri (Intueri IPO) commencing on 15 April 2014, or subsequently. Please click here for further information.

Shadowclad Class Action – We are seeking registrations of interest from owners of buildings containing Shadowclad. If there is sufficient interest from owners with viable claims, we will be seeking compensation from the manufacturer through a class action, that we expect to be fully funded. Please click here for further information.

Southern Corridor Class Action – We are seeking registrations of interest from property owners situated in Conifer Grove / Takanini and adjacent to State Highway 1. We are calling for registrations from owners who may have experienced damage or interference as a result of State Highway 1 construction work. Please click here for further information.

Plaster Cladding Class Action – To find out more about the Plaster Cladding Class Action or to register your interest please visit our website dedicated to the Action –

Steel Class Action – All information regarding the proposed funded action against the manufacturers of Steel Reinforcing Mesh can be found on our dedicated website –

Adina Thorn Lawyers has experience in bringing large class actions. Class actions involve bringing together a large number of people who have suffered similar harm to bring a claim against a large company or organisation.

We have developed sophisticated systems for managing classes. This is necessary as a lot of information needs to be collated from the individual plaintiffs and we ensure the process is straight-forward and plaintiffs are regularly informed of progress. In addition to our in-house legal expertise, we have relationships with Senior Counsel and industry experts who may assist in ensuring a strong, robust claim is brought.

Class actions can be very effective in instances where individual losses may be small relative to the cost of litigation. The simple reality is that litigation can be expensive. Once a group bands together, the economics change considerably and bringing a claim may be possible.

We have working relationships with litigation funders who may be involved to provide financial backing for the claim.


If you know of a matter that could lend itself to being brought as a class action (either an existing or a new claim), please contact Adina directly.

Click here to find out more about litigation funding.

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